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How it works.

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After adding a space on MeLoc you will receive requests to host shoots and events. You choose the ones that fit better with your space.

Here you will find a guide for hosts to know how to price your space, tips in how photograph and we will describe the process before and after the booking of your space.

With MeLoc you will have direct contact with creatives who want to rent your space. If you have any questions along the way you can contact us. We’re here to help!

What hosts
say about us.


MeLoc host

“I have offered my space on MeLoc several times for filming and photo shoots. The film crews have been always been very respectful and the customer service has been great.”


What do I need in order to add my space? Is my home or space adequate for films?

In order to upload your space:

– Sign up and go to “Upload your Space”

– You have to be the owner or manager of the property with written permission.

– Add a minimum of 12 pictures and an optional video of the property. Fill up all the details of the location as well as the rules for the property (for example: no night shoots, no more than 30 people in the space, no noise after 10pm, etc…)

– Your space should be easy to access, not noisy and approximately a minimum of 80 m2/861ft2

Is my home or space adequate for films?

A lot of people think that their houses are not worth filming – but just think about the stories you see on TV. There are as many spaces as there are stories that can be imagined.

Also, we do filter the locations and the photographs so if there is a place that’s off, we will communicate with the owner or visit it ourselves.

What are MeLoc’s conditions?

– MeLoc puts producers and creatives in contact with property owners and space managers. Once the offer has been accepted the producer/creative takes over the payment, contract and insurance.

– We charge a commission of the total rent price. This commission will be deducted from your earnings. This charge help us maintain the website, get the best attention to our hosts and clients and keep growing to give you the best conditions.

– We want to promote your space. Listing on MeLoc means that we will publish the photos of your space on our social media, newsletters and website.

– Customer exclusivity. We receive a commission if they contact you from MeLoc. This is NOT an exclusivity contract; you can have other shoots with companies other than MeLoc, of course!

Breaking any of these conditions will result in the expulsion of the user and location from the platform and database.

We don’t have any long-term contract restrictions. You can unsubscribe at no cost.

How do I set the price?

You should know ALL the information regarding the shoot before deciding on a price or even if you want to host the shoot.

As a rule, the rate should depend on the type of property, type of shoot and the size of the crew. These factors will affect the impact the shoot has on you and your property. Usually, the greater the impact, the greater the fee.

We give you a compilation of questions that are very useful to finding out about the event and how much you should charge.

  1. How many hours per day do they need? Normally the filming of commercials goes up to 12h/day and corporate up to 8h.
  2. Do they need recce and technical recce? There is usually a ‘recce’ to determine if the location is suitable. For a small scale, editorial shoot this is likely to be just one or two people checking out your property and making sure it is right for the project, this sort of recce should be free of charge. For larger scale projects such as TV commercials and feature films there is usually a ‘technical recce’ which can comprise twenty people, including lighting cameraman, director and technicians. It is reasonable for you to charge clients for these larger recces as they can take hours, so it’s almost like an extra day of filming.
  3. Do they need extra days (prep days or wrap days) to leave the material or organise the space and dismount the space? Normally these days are charges half the price of a shoot day or by the hour.
  4. How many people are on the crew and in the cast including clients? Up to 10 people is considered a small crew, from 20 people is considered a normal crew.
  5. Will they use a lot of equipment? If they come with a lot of lightning equipment you should consider charging extra for electricity and ask them to cover up the floors to avoid scratches.
  6. Which kind of project is it, which company and brand and where is going to be published? Indie, alternative, commercial, non profit…?
  7. What kind of scenes will be recorded? It is important what kind of action will they need to perform at your space, maybe you are not willing to host a foam party?
  8. Which spaces of the house do they want to use? Are they going to need extra spaces for make-up, styling, production office, client’s room?
  9.  Do they require a change in decoration or distribution of the space? Some of the films they need to change the color of the walls, get new furniture… You can negotiate a higher price or to keep the new furniture! Whatever works best for you.
  10. Do they need extra parking spaces? Are they going to ask for a street permit to leave cars and trucks?

Questions regarding price are some of the most difficult to answer because there are no rules, but we can give you a very approximate pricing guide:

Student Photo Shoots: From 80 €/day – They usually take 4 – 6 hours.

Student Films/Short films: From 180 €/day – They usually take 10 hours.

Freelancer Photo Shoots: From 500 €/day – They usually take 10 hours or less.

Production Company Photo Shoots: From 700 €/day – They usually take 10 hours or less.

Professional Short Films or Series: From 700 €/day – They usually take 10 hours to 12 hours

Advertising Video Shoots: From 1000 €/day – They usually take 12 hours

As you can see, production hours are very different from a normal office job’s hours. This is why we recommend taking into account that your price will be set for 12 hours. Also consider adding a price for extra hours.

We filter the properties to make sure that the price fits the property.

Also, we recommend adding the MeLoc commission in the total price as well as taxes.

What are the cancellation policy options for my space?

Easy: Bookings cancelled 7 days before the start of the shoot/event will receive a full refund. If the production cancels 6 days or before will have to pay 50% of the total amount. 3 days before the shoot/event the professional has to pay the full amount.
Moderate: Bookings cancelled at least 14 days before the start of the shoot will receive a full refund. If the production cancels 13 days or before will have to pay 50% of the total amount. 7 days before the shoot/event the professional has to pay the full amount.
Strict: Bookings cancelled at least 1 month before the start of the stay will receive a full refund. 29 days before the start of the shoot will receive 50% refund. If the production cancels 13 days or before will have to pay the total amount.
If it’s a covid related situation we ask our spaces to be cancelled without cost.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Film and photography professionals are usually very respectful with the spaces they rent, but accidents can happen.

MeLoc does not provide you with insurance, but production companies do. They all have comprehensive insurance policies to fix anything that can go wrong during shooting.

If the renter is a freelance photographer/videographer, we charge them a deposit equal to the full price of the booking. We keep this deposit until we know that everything went according to plan.

In case of any mishap, you have to report the damage within 48 hours of the shoot.

Do you have recommendations to prepare for a smooth shoot?

Before booking your space, the production company or freelancer have the option of visiting your space. This helps to make sure that in the shoot day they won’t be any suprises and the film/photo professionals can plan their shoots. After deciding on your property and before the shoot, they will need a maximum of 2 hours to check the space and the shots that they need. This visit is called a technical recce, normally attended by 2 to 6 professionals. It is reasonable for you to charge clients for larger recces if they need more than 2 hours and its a larger number of professionals.

The crew sometimes asks to leave equipment or mount decorations a day before the shoot. Likewise, they can collect their materials the day after the shoot. These are called prep and wrap days respectively. Be sure to ask if they will need these extra days so you can p.

If you need extra help or you can’t be home during those days, you can ask one of our professionals to be there for you. Simply contact us.

List of tips:

  • Write rules for your property. For example: no night shoots, no more than 30 people in the space, no noise after 10pm, etc…
  • Get all the conditions in the location contract signed by you and the production company/freelancer prior to the shoot.
  • Get a copy of their insurance or deposit prior to the shoot.
  • Take pictures of the condition of the space before the shoot.
  • Notify any neighbours about the shoot.
  • Indicate any restricted areas of your property.
  • If you have delicate floors ask the production team to cover them in order to protect them from camera trolleys and other heavy equipment.
  • Be aware that clients will have questions during the shoot, such as how to switch on a light or resetting an electric breaker. If you can’t be there, make sure you are reachable by phone or book one of our professionals to help out on the day of the event.
  • Check that everything is ok after the shoot and in case of overtime or damages notify us and the production company within 48 hours.


Can I be in my space during the shoot?

Film and photography professionals are usually very respectful with the spaces they rent, but accidents can happen.

In most cases, you’ll have to make yourself scarce while the team gets on with filming. Remember, they are paying for their time there and they probably don’t want to be interrupted, no matter how harmless your intentions. Nevertheless, you should be available throughout the day, either in person or by phone, to answer any queries the crew may have.

Kinds of
Photo and
Video Shoots

Advertising Film and Photoshoot

Crew: 20 – 50 people
Budget: Approx. 1000€/day
Equipment and prep: High
Hours: 12h/day or more
Days: 1-2 days

Students Shortfilm

Crew: 30 people
Budget: Approx. 180€/day
Equipment and prep: Medium
Hours: 12h/day
Days: +2 days

Freelance Photoshoots o Social Media project

Crew: 15 people
Budget: Approx. 500€/day
Equipment and prep: Low
Hours: 12h
Days: 1 day

Fashion Photoshoot

Crew: 30 people
Budget: Approx. 100€/day
Equipment and prep: Low
Hours: 6h/day
Days: 1 day

Series / Films Filmshoots

Crew: 30 people
Budget: Approx. 700€/day
Equipment and prep: High
Hours: 12h/day
Days: +2 days