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Natalie Sargent

Hove, England

Tom & Natalie met in the art world working as specialists at a London auction house where their love of heritage and design grew. Natalie then moved to a Mayfair gallery and Tom went into art insurance in the City. They have collected antiques and design pieces to bring a new aesthetic to their beautiful home. Natalie & Tom enjoy travelling and intend to use this experience to make your break special. They have a genuine love of good food and have put this passion into sourcing the best produce for the breakfasts on offer. They always knew that they wanted to balance their work life where they could make people happy and enjoy their home so they moved out of east London with their son Max to embrace the seaside lifestyle. The move coincided with the week the nation went into the first Lockdown & the day that the housing market closed resulting in a four hour wait on the beach waiting for the keys! They then spent the next eighteen months renovating the whole house into the beautiful home it is today which they look forward to sharing with you.

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