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Terms and Conditions

MeLoc - Your Film Location - Terms and Conditions

Identification Data

In compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Information Services and Electronic Commerce, the general information data of MeLoc are indicated below:
Owner: Aida Bresolí Aliberch
NIF: 47851320G
Tel: +34 681652014
Adress: Can Riera, 08529 Muntanyola, Barcelona.

1. Object

These General Conditions of Use and Contracting (hereinafter “General Conditions”) regulate the use of the MeLoc website of which it is owned and managed by Aida Bresolí Aliberch, and which are made available to the people who access them (hereinafter the “user” and the “host”), in order to provide them with information on the contracting of physical spaces for a specified period by means of their description on the WEB through the established contracting procedure.
The contracting of MeLoc services will only be possible for users of legal age. For such purposes, by accepting these General Conditions, the user declares to be of legal age and have sufficient legal capacity to contract.
MeLoc reserves the right not to contract with any user who carries out a fraudulent use of the website or who fails to comply with or contravenes any of the conditions contained in these General Conditions, in which case the user may be expelled from the space and website . The user must have carefully read these General Conditions before hiring the space or services. The hiring of a space by
the User implies in any case the total adherence and acceptance without reservation of these General Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy.
These General Conditions apply to all contracts that users enter into through the web.
The Legal Notice regulates the conditions of use of the website, the paid or free services made available to Users and MeLoc’s communication activities.

2. Terms of use

MeLoc is a directory of private or business spaces for creative activities such as filming, photo sessions, theater, brand presentations, meetings, etc … Owners and hosts can upload spaces that are valid for these activities and registered users rent them for this function.
By browsing the platform you accept the following conditions of use regulate the use of the MeLoc portal.
These General Conditions are applicable to all the offers of spaces that are made through the web and to all agreements, of any kind, that are concluded between MeLoc and the User of the website.
If you have any questions you can contact us in

3. Intellectual and industrial property rights:

Aida Bresolí Aliberch is the owner of all the industrial and intellectual property rights related to the service. By these conditions of use. In any case, you will not be able to commercially exploit this platform or any of the contents of this website.

Categories of personal data

The categories of data that are processed in MeLoc are only identifying data. In no case, special categories of personal data are treated within the meaning of article 9 of the RGPD.

4. Description of key terms:

  • User: Person who registers on the web and who is interested in renting a space.
  • Host: Owner or manager of the space with a space exploitation license.
  •  Card: Description card of a space with the characteristics, reservation form and price.
  • Transaction: Deal or agreement by which two parties reach a rental agreement.
  • Space or location: Spaces of all kinds offered for filming, photo shoots and creative events.
  • Production service: MeLoc offers extra services to complete the filming and photo sessions.
  • Deposit: Amount of money or valuables that is given to ensure compliance with an obligation or
  • Visit: Before deciding on a location, the user can make a visit that should not extend to 30min.
  • Location contract: Contract where the shooting date, agreement and conditions are specified
  • Technical location or recce: Before filming, several team leaders (director, director of photography,
    assistant director, art director, production manager, electrical manager, etc.) visit the various
    locations where it will be filmed to meet the spaces and their characteristics, and thus assess the
    needs, complications, etc., facing the day of filming.
  • Shooting Day: Although the price per day corresponds to eight hours, many producers and
    audiovisual professionals count as a day, 12h. It is the decision of the space manager to accept the
    price per day for a duration of 12h.
  • Overtime: overtime that exceeds those established as ordinary hours within the agreed shooting
  • Service commission: MeLoc charges a percentage of the total price of the shoot to host. We recommend that the
    host add the commission to the rental price of the space. MeLoc can offer discounts to hosts and
    users. The payment of the commissions will be through an invoice where the corresponding VAT and
    Personal Income Tax will be included if the client is a professional.MeLoc charges services fees to its users in exchange for use of the spaces catalogue, providing payment and customer attention. The service fee of the user will be added on the payment and informed.
  • Damage: Any kind of damage has to be notified on the next 24h after the shoot/event. Pictures of
    before and after the damage have to be provided. The user is responsible, through his/her insurance
    or deposit to fix the damage.
  • Confidentiality agreement: A confidentiality agreement, non-disclosure agreement, also referred to
    as confidentiality contracts or agreements, is a legal contract between at least two entities to share
    confidential material or knowledge for certain purposes.

5. Product and services contracted

MeLoc offers all kinds of private spaces to celebrate mainly filming and photo sessions but also brand presentations, meetings and other creative events.
In no case can MeLoc users sublet the contracted spaces.
In addition, MeLoc offers complementary production services such as making of, catering, production assistant, etc …

6. Steps to follow to contract:

To contract a MeLoc space or service, the user must register by providing the necessary personal information.
To upload a space, the manager of a space has to fill in the mandatory information of the space.
To be a MeLoc user you must be at least 18 years old. Otherwise MeLoc has the right to expel the user from the platform. Also, if the ad includes false information.
MeLoc’s user status is free of charge and can be canceled by sending an email to
MeLoc reserves the right to modify the presentation, configuration and content of the website at any time and without prior notice, as well as these conditions and other particular ones that may be established for certain spaces, services or uses.
The space managers put the approximate price of the rental, this price can be modified depending on the offer and the details provided by the user.
15% of the MeLoc service fee will be deducted from the stated price.
The price may vary according to the extras or services that the owner can add or make an additional charge for the overtime.
Once the final price has been agreed, the host and MeLoc can modify the price to include VAT in the final price or extra services.
Reservation request:
The managers of a space can receive offers of events and be in contact with the users registered by a messaging service.
It is the obligation of the user interested in renting a space to inform the manager of:

  • Company for which the user works for
  • Client or Product
  • Media (TV, online, print media) and country where the video / photo will be published
  • Equipment with which to record and if a specific power of electricity is  needed or generators are to be brought
  • What actions will be recorded
  • Change of decoration – distribution
  • Total number of recording / photography crew (including actors, models and clients)
  • Spaces to use (where it will be recorded and those that will be used for production / makeup or styling)
  • Total rental hours
  • Agreement with the price of the extra hour.

Confidentiality agreement:
MeLoc makes a confidentiality agreement available to users to transmit the information described above.
Users can pay via online payment via Stripe or bank transfer.
The reservation becomes effective once the space has been paid. A visit to the space is not understood as a reservation.
If the user is not a production company, they will have to pay a deposit before the day of shooting / photo shoot/event. We understand as deposit the maximum amount that can be claimed for a damage.
This deposit can also be used to paid the extra hours or extras demanded on the day of the shooting.
The production company has the obligation to present a copy of the property and civil liability insurance before the shooting / photo shoot.
The reservation of the space will have the duration that has been determined at the time of contracting. If the duration is extended, the amount agreed between the user and the host will be paid per overtime.
The rent will always be temporary, vacation rentals or housing functions are not accepted.
MeLoc can penalize the user who fails to comply with these General Conditions by closing their access to the website, temporarily or permanently.
Location contract:
Contract that the producer or individual professional delivers to the manager of the space where he specifies the day, time and conditions of the day of the shooting / photo session. MeLoc makes the location contract available if necessary.

7. Cancellation policy:

The host has the possibility to choose in between 3 kinds of cancellation policy: Strict, Moderate and Easy.
On MeLoc’s part, once the reservation is cancelled for any reason, the minimum amount of 60 euros or £ 52.90 must be paid by the user or the host, depending on who cancelled the reservation.

8. Obligations of the owner / host / manager of the space:

Accepting the terms and conditions, the people who upload a space must be adults and owners / managers of spaces with the authorization of the owner or possess the exploitation license.
The owner / manager of the space agrees to respond to interested users with a maximum of 48 hours.
The host maintains the obligation at all times to request permission from the neighborhood community or from the owners of the adjacent properties to obtain the necessary authorizations so that their guests can carry out the filming or activity.
The host has to provide the information related with electric power and power lines or any information related to the good functioning of the shoot.
The host can ask for an extra amount to cover the electric bill.
The host acts as an independent economic agent for MeLoc. For this reason, it assumes its tax, permit and civil liability insurance obligations. The host must be able to offer the invoice for the rental of the space if it is claimed.
The host will be responsible for cleaning before the shooting / photo shoot so that it is ready to start and after the creative event. If necessary, they will add an extra cleaning service.
The space manager takes charge of notifying the neighborhood community of the day of the shooting / photo session.
Hosts must pay the 15% commission to MeLoc for the platform’s services.
The host will allow the taking of photos and / or videos of the spaces agreed for commercial purposes.
In the event that the host fail to comply with any of these General Conditions, MeLoc reserves the right to expel the user.
The host will allow the taking of photos and / or videos by users and guests in their space and, where appropriate, also by companies that collaborate with the platform for the commercial purposes that they consider convenient.

9. User obligations:

The user has the obligation to provide the true and real information.
Users not to take any use of MeLoc that may be contrary to their own purposes or to the law.
Only one member account is allowed per holder / user. Multiple registrations are prohibited and will be removed by MeLoc.
In the event that users violate or breach any of these General Conditions, MeLoc reserves the right to expel the user from MeLoc.
Users will be liable for any damages of any nature that may be caused as a result of non-compliance with any of the rules of use of the WEB, its General Conditions and any obligation that is required by law.
The user has to inform the host of all the details about the activity that they want to record / celebrate in their property or space.
To keep the agreement and contract signed by the two parties.
To pay 15% commission to MeLoc for the services offered.

10. Disclaimer of MeLoc

MeLoc is not responsible for the payment of taxes and tax obligations for the spaces advertised on the platform.
It is not responsible for false advertisements or hosts who do not own or do not have the power to exploit or permit them because they violate the conditions of use of the site.
MeLoc is not responsible for material-equipment damage during filming/event and photo shoot.
MeLoc is not responsible for the consequences of external services during filming.
MeLoc is not responsible of the cleaning before and after the shoot/event.
MeLoc puts in contact owners/hosts with users, can work as an intermediate communication but is not obligated to negotiate the price or conditions in between both parties.

11. Notification of malfunction

Damages caused during the day or days of filming or photo sessions must be reported with a maximum of 24 hours.
Users will not accept claims outside of this period.
The host has to justify the price of the object or repair with an invoice.
The Production Company will be responsible for any physical damage in connection with the Production that has been caused to the Property, by the Production Company, its representatives, employees or agents.
In the case of being an independent professional, depending on the damage, the appropriate amount of the deposit will be withheld with the invoice justification of the manager of the space.
MeLoc is not responsible for damages to third parties.

12. Duration of the announcement and registration

The duration of the relationship of users and space managers is 30 renewable days if the intention of canceling the advertisement / registration is not expressed by mail to

13. Modification of the conditions of use

MeLoc has the right to modify the conditions of use of the website.
If users do not agree with the conditions, they can unsubscribe.
Users and hosts will be informed of changes in the conditions of use by the communication channels chosen by the users / hosts.

14. Applicable law and conflict resolution system

These General Conditions are governed by Spanish Law.
In case of discrepancy between the Spanish version and any of the other language versions of these Terms and Conditions, the Spanish version will prevail.
In the event of any type of claim between the parties, in relation to compliance or the content of these Terms and Conditions, the parties will negotiate in good faith to try to resolve such discrepancy or claim.
The resolution of any conflict or controversy derived from compliance with these General Conditions will be settled by the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona.